December 21, 2005

Our Service

This web site contains information about online translation service. I will help you translating your documents, brochures, advertisement, comics, books, press releases, presentations, catalogues, direct mail letters, marketing plans, manuals, newsletters, training materials, magazine articles, advertorials, etc from English-Indonesian-English. There are some advantages using my translation service:

  1. You can just simply send the material by email, fax or send it by post or courier.
  2. I complete my translation earlier than the deadline without downgrading the quality.
  3. You can check the progress of the translation whenever you want.
  4. I send back the translation result to you in the form of electronic or hard copy depends on what you prefer to have.
  5. I give you a reasonable price for the translation.

Expertise in: tourism, culture, education, children, sociology, forestry, mining, international relations, economics, art, basic technology, history and humanities.

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December 16, 2005

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This are my client in translation

December 09, 2005

Pamflet Terjemahan

Bandingkan hasilnya!

December 07, 2005

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